Essential Oils

& Aromatics

What Makes Us Different

Elite growers

At RAG superior quality products is our priority: we control every step in the supply line, from growing through processing to ensure the highest quality.

Direct from production to consumers

RAG offers a wide selection of products to our clients directly from the source eliminating costly intermediary, all without all the inconveniences. 

Strict quality assurance procedures and customer service

Our professional staff is dedicated to answer your questions, including the ones you may not have asked as well as all relevant paperwork, surpassing demanding corporate quality control standards.

Experienced, reliable and responsive

RAG is delighted to fulfill your requirements for the finest ingredients our planet has to offer. You can find confidence in our vast distribution network and experience.

About Royal Atlantic Group

Since 2005, Royal Atlantic Group Inc. is a leading global producer and supplier of 100% Pure and natural raw materials for the health & wellness industry as well as the top clean beauty products manufacturers. We are a premier producer, and distributor of authentic natural products from the most exclusive locations in the world guaranteeing the highest quality standards and traceability of all our exceptional ingredients

Creating the world of aromatics

Our primary activities include sustainable cultivating, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing of the finest natural products nature has to offer directly from the source. Royal Atlantic Group is valued for its selection of healthy, fresh, and flavourful products.

Oils & Aromatics

Cultivated, Harvested & Manufactured By Us!

The quality and safety of our products are our top concern and all stages of their manufacturing, from receipt of raw materials to packaging, are made according to strict rules, which meet the highest standards of safety and international quality.

We know that all essential oils are not created equal and to be qualified as ‘quality’ products, they must follow strict natural processes.

Organic All-Natural Essential Oils, Harvested by Hand.

We have an incredible selection of oils made from quality ingredients harvested around the world. Visit our shop to find out more!

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