Our Journey


Since 2005, Royal Atlantic Group has been an exclusive producer and representative of brands and products selected for their strong identity and high quality.


  • RAG is committed to sustainable sourcing of our raw materials.
  • We guarantee the traceability of our raw materials carefully grown and cultivated to ensure the highest quality.
  • The quality and safety of our products are our top concern and all stages of their manufacturing, from receipt of raw materials to packaging, are made according to strict rules, which meet the highest standards of safety and international quality.


  • Our body instinctively recognizes better the incredible properties of pure Botanical-based products than chemically created ones, allowing more effectiveness.  Our authentic ingredients and 100% organic essential oils from the most unique and exclusive locations in the world offer highly beneficial properties. 

Originate only from our botanically, pesticide free, organic plant.

Carefully selected the plant that hold the desired active ingredients.

Be in compliance with harvest seasons for best results.

We use extraction methods that preserve all active components.

Our Products

RAG is a global leading producer and supplier of the world’s finest aromatic extracts 100% Pure and Natural, unadulterated, therapeutic-grade Essential Oils and Cold Pressed Oils extracted either from organic flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, roots, herbs and are used in flavor, pharmaceutical, aromatherapy, cosmetic, fine fragrance, personal care, household fragrance and industrial cleaner industries.

Our oils are Certified Organic and Kosher certified directly from the source at affordable wholesale prices. 

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